Wellness Compliance Institute

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The Wellness Compliance Institute, Inc. (WCI) provides compliance education and resources to help the wellness community better address compliance issues that arise in wellness programs, products, and services.  

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WCI offers training and resources that align with the National Wellness Institute's evidence-based Wellness Promotion Competency Model—specifically around legal and ethical principles. Whether you’re in benefits, HR, corporate wellness, or the public sector, increase your knowledge and competence around wellness programs, compliance, and more with WCI’s “Mastering Workplace Wellness Laws” Certificate course. 

Additionally, WCI's Codes of Conduct for workplace wellness professionals, brokers, advisors, consultants, and workplace wellness technology developers provide a foundation for running a highly ethical practice. These codes of conduct are meant to establish basic ethical standards.  


Email: WCI@nationalwellness.org 
Phone: 715.342.2969 

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