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The Wellness Compliance Institute, Inc. (WCI) advances multidimensional, multicultural, high-level wellness initiatives by providing compliance education resources.  Further, WCI is the leader for the standards of conduct for workplace wellness professionals and brokers/advisors.  These compliance resources help the workplace wellness community to proactively navigate compliance issues and effectively design, implement and provide compliant wellness programs and services that reduce legal risk and instill confidence within program participants.

With regard to the certification and credentialing services, WCI will offer those services to both individuals and organizations. Individuals may earn a compliance certification credential by completing designated coursework and passing an exam administered by WCI staff. 


WCI was created in 2015 after its founder, Barbara J. Zabawa, witnessed a gap in workplace wellness compliance education and resources after attending numerous workplace wellness events.  Individuals participating in the workplace wellness industry expressed a desire for help in understanding the legal rules that apply to workplace wellness program design and implementation.  Many individuals who advise workplace wellness programs are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable with the various rules that can impact workplace wellness programs.  As a result, WCI aims to offer easy-to-understand educational tools, such as the Continuing Education Course that includes Rule the Rules for Workplace Wellness Programs text and study guide, as well as a certification, to help build confidence in and compliance of workplace wellness professionals and programs.  

In February, 2021, WCI was acquired by the National Wellness Institute (NWI).  It is now the key educational component and resources for the the Legal and Ethical Compliance domain of Wellness Promotion Competency Model and it used as a strategic reference for NWI's worksite wellness trainings.   


Email: WCI@nationalwellness.org 
Phone: 715.342.2969 

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