Certification in Workplace Wellness Compliance (CWC)© Designation

Because the Wellness Compliance Institute (WCI) believes in empowering the workplace wellness community with knowledge about how to design and implement a compliant workplace wellness program, it makes perfect sense to offer individuals who have studied workplace wellness compliance a Certification.  This designation will give you additional credibility when advising and managing workplace wellness programs. 

Certification Requirements

  1. Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited University or College
  2. Successful Completion of the WCI Continuing Education Course (Mastering Workplace Wellness Laws) – score of 80% on the exam
  • Please review all the information about this Continuing Education (CE) course on the Continuing Education page.
    • Note the following that are slightly different for the Certification
      • Students who opt for the certification, will receive 20% off the certification fee of $450
      • The refund/return and transfer policy are the same, except the refund will be $450 for the certification (it is $400 for the CE course)
      • When submitting the Registration Form, please also e-mail Barbara Zabawa (bzabawa@wellnesslaw.com), as an attachment, some form of verification of your bachelor’s degree, e.g., copy of your diploma.  

3.  Successful Completion of a Practical Exam

  • After successful completion of the Continuing Education course written exam, certification candidates will receive a “case study” practical exam. Candidates will prepare written answers to questions regarding the case study that will help assess understanding and application of workplace wellness laws. A score of 80% is needed to pass the practical exam.
    • Also, after successful completion of the CE course, individuals will receive a document from WCI verifying the CE credits/contact hours earned to provide to their certifying organization.
  • After successful completion of the practical exam, a WCI certification document (suitable for framing) will be e-mailed.
  • The Wellness Compliance Institute CWC© certification is current for two years but can be maintained through re-certification.

Re-Certification: Keeping Your Certification Current

Because laws are always evolving, it is important for the CWC© professional to stay of abreast of any changes with workplace wellness laws. Barbara J. Zabawa, lead author of Rule the Rules of Workplace Wellness Laws, will be periodically preparing written supplements that address changes in workplace wellness laws. For example, she has already prepared a supplement reflecting changes that have occurred since the Rule the Rules book was published in 2017.

To renew the WCI certification, the CWC© professional will need to review the supplement(s) and take a quiz covering the content. An 80% score is required. There is a small fee ($50) to recertify.

More information regarding re-certification will be sent to individuals upon receiving the CWWCP© designation.

Certification Fee

The fee is $450 plus shipping and handling costs and includes all materials/costs associated with the Continuing Education course as stated on the Continuing Education page.


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