Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct

The Wellness Compliance Institute (WCI) Board of Directors has developed codes of conduct for wellness professionals who design and deliver wellness programs at the worksite and for brokers, consultants and third-party administrators (collectively referred to as “advisors”). These codes of conduct list ethical standards that help those working in the workplace wellness industry do the “right” thing, adhere to legal requirements and set a baseline for individual behavior within the industry.  The WCI Board determined that currently, such codes of conduct do not exist for individuals providing services in the workplace wellness field.  WCI hopes that clinicians, health educators, health coaches, fitness professionals, brokers, advisors, consultants and third-party administrators use these codes as a resource and adopt these ethical standards into their daily practice.  WCI also recommends those working in workplace wellness to view the Code of Conduct developed by Ethical Wellness for workplace wellness programs.

Code of Conduct for Workplace Wellness Professionals

Code of Conduct for Workplace Wellness Advisors


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