Workplace Wellness Law Book

Rule the Rules of Workplace Wellness Programs 

This unique book, which is included as the textbook for the Mastering Workplace Wellness Laws Certificate course, introduces each chapter with a new learning objective. These objectives focus on the legal as well as the logistic aspects of developing legally healthy wellness programs in the workplace.

In this book you will learn important aspects such as the: “what,” “why,” and “how” of workplace wellness program laws such as:

  1. What laws are important for workplace wellness program compliance;
  2. Why do those laws exist and why are they important for workplace wellness program design and implementation; and
  3. How can workplace wellness professionals and organizations apply workplace wellness laws effectively

Table of Contents [2nd Edition]

Chapter 1: Understanding the U.S. Legal System

Chapter 2: A Solid Foundation

Chapter 3: To Plan or Not to Plan: A Historical Look at the Employer-Employee Relationship and the Birth
of Employee Health Benefits

Chapter 4: The Law of Wellness Incentives and Screening

Chapter 5: The Taxing Truth

Chapter 6: Are They Qualified to Do That?

Chapter 7: Is That Part of Their Workday?

Chapter 8: What About Stress?

Chapter 9: Data Privacy: The Web We Have Weaved

Chapter10: FDA Regulation of Wellness Products 

Chapter 11: What’s Next for Workplace Wellness?


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